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I Know I'm Funny haha

by Faye Webster

Released June 25, 2021 via Secretly Canadian

Reviewed August 3, 2021

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Better Distractions (70%), A Dream With A Baseball Player (50%), Kind Of (50%)

Hailing from a musical hotspot in Atlanta, Faye Webster’s newest release, I Know I’m Funny, haha, once again pulls catchy R&B, country, and indie elements into her quilted bedroom pop world. The emotive performances on the album are generally similar in sound, many falling within the modestly wistful area, but Webster’s navigation of this melancholy mood can be strangely silly and sarcastic or suddenly very real and tangible. Webster’s musicality is consistently soft and inviting whether the tone of the lyrics is vulnerable, angry, or distant. Whatever the emotion being conveyed, the beauty of her words is in their relatability. Thus far, superstardom and the tribulations of the limelight have not brushed shoulders with her notoriety, and the listener is thus left with a collection of songs involving much more down to earth content (like a hopeless crush on a Braves player). Fans of her work are left reveling in the easy-going mix of steel and acoustic guitar-laden instrumentals and her powerfully gentle vocals; although, one might be left wondering where she might go from here, as this album feels very reminiscent of her 2019 work, Atlanta Millionaires Club. Whether or not she decides to mix it up further in the future, Faye Webster has carved herself a nice role in the modern pop-soul landscape to this point. – Pax (8.7/10)

Faye Webster’s fourth record, I Know I’m Funny haha, is an impressive follow-up to her breakout 2019 effort, Atlanta Millionaires Club. Her latest release continues to show off her knack as a natural songwriter, under a more lush, layered, and orchestral-sounding experience than her previous effort. There’s more to take in on this go-round, but Webster creates a similar atmosphere that is both soothing and melancholic. A combination of warm piano keys and jazzy steel guitars paint a backdrop that lends well to the “alt-country” label Webster is often assigned—but it’s the subtle and groovy basslines combined with smooth and steady drum beats that tie in Webster’s R&B influences. This uniquely soulful sound serves as a vehicle for the 23-year-old songwriter’s display of a wide range of emotions, ranging from lonely and heartbroken to cheerful and loving. Webster’s observations and stories soaked in these emotions aren’t extraordinary, rather their relatability taps into a universal connection. But with beautiful vocal performances throughout, her mellow and somewhat-twangy delivery transforms everyday life into intimate conversations with a close friend, making I Know I’m Funny haha one of the most comforting listening experiences of 2021. – Dominick (8.2/10)

One of the year's quirkiest pop records is also among the most gorgeous and soulful; Faye Webster takes her sound a significant step forward on I Know I'm Funny haha. Webster was previously known for her unique twist on singer-songwriter/pop, but now sprinkles in bits of country, folk, and soul to the mix. Faye finds herself floating atop some of the most luscious music in pop this year, with over twenty musicians collaborating to bring about the strings, keyboards, and percussive sounds this album was built upon. I Know I'm Funny, haha is a slow record, with abundance of beauty in the patient lulls of its songwriting. In songs like "A Stranger" or "A Dream With a Baseball Player," Webster's deadpan and seemingly tearful delivery synergizes with the cello and violins, as her vocals melt in the instrumentation’s warmth. At its low points, this record is a bit dry or repetitive, but it undergoes numerous great high points thanks to songwriting and backing music that is, at times, to die for. – DeVán (7.7/10)

Victoria: 9/10 | Pax: 8.8/10 | Dominick: 8.2/10 | DeVán: 7.7/10

Daniel: 7.5/10 | Cam: 7.3/10 | Jared: 6.5/10 | Peter: 6.5/10


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