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by FKA Twigs

Released January 14, 2022 via Young / Atlantic Records

Reviewed January 25, 2022

Top tracks (based on community voting)
meta angel (40%), ride the dragon (35%), tears in the club (33%)

FKA twigs took the idea of a mixtape literally with CAPRISONGS. When the first sound of a cassette tape is played in the album opener, “ride the dragon,” you know you are going on an adventure through the creative mind of FKA twigs that aligns perfectly with the sentiment of Capricorns being controlling. This tape is an amalgamation of twigs’ avant-garde pop style blended with afrobeats, UK drill, hyperpop, and even glitch. While this project lacks cohesion sonically, that’s the point; twigs is in complete control of her own narrative. And while this tape talks a lot about heartbreak and love, it is clear that she is not bound to that at all. The only thing FKA twigs is bound to is her music. The versatility and risk taking is what makes this mixtape so refreshing, however her vocal stylings and orchestral arrangements provide just enough familiarity that we aren’t lost in the dark. – Pablo (8.5/10)

A fervent commitment to complete transformation has guided FKA twigs to a liberating space of creativity that bred liveliness into CAPRISONGS, a hugely overachieving mixtape by the English performer. For some, twigs’ art pop profile and avant approach to songwriting was a barrier to enjoying her earlier works; however, her embrace of dancehall and R&B has brought a more conventional appeal to this mixtape. In doing this, twigs not only transforms, but maintains the product she has long been known for. It is rare to hear this potent combination of refined vocals and introspective songwriting with such innovative and keenly modern production. With all these abilities at play, it becomes clear just how versatile and divine the sounds associated with FKA twigs have become. – DeVán (8.1/10)

At the forefront of experimental pop sits FKA twigs, the UK's secret weapon. Producing pieces sentient in and of themselves seems to be FKA's inherent ability, and she teams up with producers that have a similar yearning for otherworldliness. Each track unfolds as they become aware that they're being observed. Separated by excerpts of presumed studio sessions, CAPRISONGS is an intimate look behind the scenes at an artist that respects and appreciates their private life. Opening up to the brighter side of things sees FKA Twigs produce her most joyous release to date, and with it, some of her most spacious and beautifully produced pieces of material. Slightly rough around the edges—as you would expect from a mixtape—but home to that ever so special FKA and co. touch, CAPRISONGS proves why FKA is intrinsically attached to most things on the contemporary scene. – Peter (8/10)

Victoria: 9.5/10 | Alan: 9.1/10 | Pax: 8.7/10 | Hadley: 8.5/10 | Pablo: 8.5/10 | Henny: 8.3/10

DeVán: 8.1/10 | Dominick: 8/10 | Jared: 8/10 | Peter: 8/10 | Cam: 7.5/10 | Daniel: 7.5/10


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