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2017 - 2019

by Against All Logic

February 7, 2020 via Other People

Originally reviewed on March 10, 2020

Top tracks (based on community voting)
If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard (44%), Fantasy (40%), If Loving You Is Wrong (26%)

Heavy sampling and a noisy fusion of house and industrial sounds make this record as equally intense as it is dance-worthy. Whether it’s head-bop-inducing or an overwhelming barrage of noise, at times it’s both, 2017 – 2019 is probably the most dense electronic album of 2020. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Against All Logic provides something for all listeners on his latest release. – Dominick (8/10)

After garnering substantial acclaim for his debut release as A.A.L. in 2018 and having credits all over FKA twigs' MAGDALENE last year, Nicolas Jaar spins back for a second run under his alter ego. Creating a more abrasive, techno-driven sound, is certainly less inviting than its predecessor, but it may be the fuller helping. High intensity and constant distortion have many tracks teetering on the brink of splitting apart, making for eager anticipation and rewarding climaxes. This disruptive nature and the mental fatigue of the project place it much more on the IDM side of the spectrum than his house roots, so expect an adjustment. Whether you prefer the past or present, we heavily recommend both. – Enth (8/10)

Against All Logic, Nicolas Jaar's alter ego of sorts, returns to claim his throne after 2017's 2012-2017 garnered major attention from the music world. 2017-2019 branches off slightly from the deep house influence of the aforementioned previous outing and sheds its skin for a murky, industrial-tinged affair. Dream-fueled soundscapes are met with the spirit of the factory floor to create a work that sonically captures a “best of both worlds” juxtaposition. Mercurial moods hover over 2017-2019 like miasmic dust, snarling at those that can't handle the distorted charge that it brings to the table. This record is 2012-2017’s sadistic half-brother—maniacal, malevolent and motivated by ill intention. – Peter (8/10)

Hadley: 9/10 | Dominick: 8/10 | Enth: 8/10 | Peter: 8/10 | Cam: 7.8/10


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