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Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)

by Car Seat Headrest

Released February 16, 2018 via Matador Records

Reviewed March 15, 2023

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Beach Life-In-Death (79%), Famous Prophets (Stars) (54%), Bodys (46%)

Pax: 8.8/10 | Cam: 8.3/10 | Dominick: 8/10 | Jared: 8/10

Community Reviews:

Twin Fantasy was originally released by Car Seat Headrest in 2011. At the time, Car Seat Headrest was just the artist name for singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Will Toledo. Fun fact: Will chose that name because he used to record in his car, looking at the car seat headrest. Like his previous albums, Will produced Twin Fantasy himself. He didn’t have professional audio equipment, so the sound was very lo-fi. Many people adored the early CSH sound, though. This album was hailed as his best and became an online cult classic.

After Will signed to Matador, he decided to re-record Twin Fantasy. He said that he now had the resources to fulfill the vision of what Twin Fantasy was meant to be. It was re-released in 2018 as Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) and the 2011 version was renamed Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror). The songs stayed largely the same between Mirror to Mirror and Face to Face, but some noticeable differences are very powerful, especially the last two songs on each album. Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) has a more mature conclusion. – @derekxu.wav (10/10)

This album is extremely touching and sounds extremely personal, every piece of lyric seems to be carefully placed in specific places, giving the listener moments of energetic euphoria and moments of slow sad songs. I would do anything to be able to listen to this album for the first time again. – @cemnt_d0c (10/10)

This little furry managed to pull off one of the greatest musical achievements of our time with this remaster. After seven years, Twin Fantasy can bleed the same raw emotion with the production it deserves. – @worsthistorymemes (10/10)

Twin Fantasy is the perfect encapsulation of angst and the terrifying pangs of love and life. – @purplcalx (8/10)


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