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by JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown

Released March 24, 2023 via PEGGY / AWAL

Reviewed May 1, 2023

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Burfict! (50%), Kingdom Hearts Key (41%), Garbage Pale Kids (35%)

SCARING THE HOES is the collaboration that the hip-hop world needed—and one we waited for for some time. The paths of JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown were sure to cross at some point; the worlds that they exist within bare many aesthetic similarities and kindred traits. Both parties seem to firmly subscribe to the 'anything goes and all is fair game' approach. SCARING THE HOES sonically resembles paintings where the paint has begun to warp and drip; elements of the world have become crisscrossed and drip-dropped within each other. Worlds that have no right of mingling in each other's business become one under the roof of experimentation’s touch. The mix of sounds and blend of styles on show is impressive to say the least. Oftentimes awkward, off-kilter and always irreverent, SCARING THE HOES blows your favourite album this year out the water. Were there ever any doubts that the pairing of JPEG and Danny Brown wouldn't release the best left-leaning material around? – Peter (8.5/10)

Jared: 9.5/10 | Cam: 8.5/10 | DeVán: 8.5/10 | Peter: 8.5/10

Dominick: 8.2/10 | Pax: 8/10 | Pablo: 7.8/10

Community Reviews:

​​It’s like a 36-minute-long roller coaster of sound, as the listener just gets sent through insane thrills without wasting any time whatsoever. The listener is constantly stimulated, and each track feels completely different from the next. I think the way Peggy and Danny are able to fit so much action into such a short runtime is extremely commendable, and I never feel drained from the experience as a whole.

Reedy (9.8/10) Top Tracks: Garbage Pale Kids, Burfict!, Kingdom Hearts Key (feat. redveil)

My expectations for this album were near impossible, and I still wasn’t disappointed. I’ve been anticipating this album since the rumors began years ago. The beats on this are insane, and I think Peggy’s production sound has found its sweet spot between an experimental, and accessible product. Sure, the album name has become a tad corny in my opinion, but SCARING THE HOES was the most fun I’ve had on a first listen in a very long time.

@blakefrommusic (9.4/10) Top Tracks: Steppa Pig, Burfict!, Kingdom Hearts Key (feat. redveil)

No disappointment whatsoever. Front to back, this album flows so well without any tracks really blending together. Out of this world production with very sharp flows from both rappers. A collab album that has long been awaited and could definitely make more together. The transition on “Muddy Waters” is next level. One of the best albums of the year so far. @buhrm33 (9.4/10) Top Tracks: Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up / Muddy Waters, God Loves You, HOE (Heaven on Earth)

The production is really the shining star on this project. There’s not a moment that isn’t captivating. Peggy is just showing off at this point. The bars are great, both Peggy and Danny had super entertaining performances. All I will say about the mix is that I am fine with it; it is obviously intentional. Already one of my favorite albums of all time, AOTY easily.

@jackhedeman (9.3/10) Top Tracks: Lean Beef Patty, Steppa Pig, Jack Harlow Combo Meal The album is more than a funny, outlandish hip-hop project flaunting Peggy and Danny’s trademark chaotic attributes. Key elements combine to craft a wholly novel thematic focus: the absurdity of the internet age… The rough-around-the-edges mixing, the energetic percussion, and the warped samples of the past create an air of hopeless nostalgia for a time and culture fading away as we dive deeper into the post-dot-com abyss.

@brendan.carroll__ (originally written for @thegeorgetownindy) (8.8/10) Top Tracks: Lean Beef Patty, Burfict!, Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up / Muddy Waters


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