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Pixel Bath

by Jean Dawson

Released October 23, 2020 via P+

Reviewed November 15, 2020

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Devilish (60%), Triple Double (60%), Power Freaks (50%)

Jean Dawson is the most exciting thing to come out of indie rock this year. Raw, explosive, and dynamic, Jean Dawson's sophomore record, Pixel Bath, is a breath of fresh air to the genre. The 24-year-old blends hip-hop, alternative, rock, and electronic to form a soundtrack of coming of age. Rock was born out of youthful rebellion and Dawson is channeling that spirit on this record. This record is far from perfect; some songs succeed better than others and a lot of the musical ideas could use polishing, but there's something intoxicating about how many chances Dawson takes. Pixel Bath is an amalgamation of influences ranging from shoegaze and Nirvana to guys like Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky. It's unique, it's new, it's exciting, and hopefully just the start of more to come. – Daniel (8/10)

The album cover for Pixel Bath isn’t extravagant, but in its simplicity we can get a good summation of one of 2020’s most unique records. Dawson crafts a colorful, shimmery, and upbeat sound through a fusion of hip-hop, pop, alternative rock, pop-punk, and even techno—putting him in a unique position amongst his contemporaries. As he jumps in out of these stylistic fusions, the 24-year-old’s songwriting is just as impressive. With how infectious and catchy Dawson is at every corner, it’s amazing how personal and emotionally potent his lyrics are. As genre-bending becomes a more common trend, Jean Dawson has the potential to be a decade-defining artist if he keeps improving. – Dominick (8/10)

It's hard to say which is more reckless: running blindly through life at full speed or thinking a mere football helmet is a sufficient means of protection while you do so. As colors, moments, and emotions fly by at light-speed, Jean Dawson manages to capture all of them at their peaks, making every track feel like a frivolous tipping point. On top of these unchecked bursts of emotion, Pixel Bath positions the emerging LA talent at the cutting edge of various alternative and indie music scenes. With his sophomore effort, Jean pushes the alternative hip-hop envelope much further in the indie rock and indie pop direction. And while it can play hop-scotch with its influences at times, few others match its span of ideas or execute them as effectively. If he wasn't already on the map, Jean Dawson has planted his flag with Pixel Bath. – Enth (7.5/10)

Cam: 8.8/10 | Daniel: 8/10 | Dominick: 8/10

Hadley: 8/10 | DeVán: 7.5/10 | Enth: 7.5/10


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