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by 070 Shake

Released June 3, 2022 via GOOD Music / Def Jam Recordings

Reviewed June 13, 2022

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Cocoon (53%), Skin and Bones (47%), History (40%)

Having already proven herself as a promising artist with her 2020 release Modus Vivendi, 070 Shake presents a more mature, complex version on her new album, You Can’t Kill Me. There are clear strides made in her artistry while maintaining key qualities that she already excels in, such as her singing and her Post Malone-like versatility. Mixed with interesting instrumentals (mainly done by Johan Lenox, Dave Sitek, and Mike Dean, amongst others), a lot of the melodies catch your ear with relative ease. If anything, she has an ear for production which is key when working with a guy like Mike Dean. However, the one thing I feel she does need to work on to truly perfect her craft in the future is her songwriting, although she still is great at expressing her emotions lyrically. Another change I’d like to see is one that is already somewhat present - forays into Spanish-language songs. It’s a welcome sight to see Shake embrace her Dominican roots, and hopefully, future works will implement more songs in that manner. 070 Shake has broken out of the shell of being Kanye West’s protege in a way only a few artists did, and become a young driving force in her lane. – Alan (8.1/10)

DANI MOON is an enigma worth exploring. Four years ago, much of the world was first introduced to 070 Shake from her contributions to ye in 2018, and since has been a GOOD Music product in the making. 2020’s Modus Vivendi was bold, and maintained a dynamic atmosphere. In her sophomore effort, Shake’s edge dials in the scenic and volatile expression she’s known for. Themes of codependency, unpredictable romance, and rebirth are constantly at work, often in harmony with the music unfolding. In terms of creativity and range, 070 Shake deserves high praise for YOU CAN’T KILL ME. – DeVan (8/10)

Alan: 8.1/10 | Daniel: 8/10 | DeVán: 8/10

Pax: 7.8/10 | Dominick: 7/10 | Pablo: 6/10

Community Reviews:

​​070 perfects her sound in every way possible, making a daunting, atmospheric record contending with the very best of the year. A record so explicitly queer in her own brilliant way will stand the test of time. – @mme.rieux (8.4/10)


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