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Wish You Were Here

by Pink Floyd

Released September 12, 1975 via Harvest Records / Columbia Records

Reviewed September 10, 2020

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Wish You Were Here (84%), Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5) (82%), Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 6-9) (38%)

By 1975, Pink Floyd had more or less lived out the prototypical rockstar cycle. They had accomplished great commercial success, garnered acclaim, and achieved superstar status; all their wide-eyed dreams realized. However, it cost them their passion, joy, and most crushing of all, their strong affinity for one another. United in their disconnection, with past member Syd Barrett as a mutual guiding light, the band managed to create an album welling up with purposeful playing and earnest writing. The record doubles as a wonderful ode to companionship and an artistically nuanced take on the long-form progressive rock style the group helped innovate years prior. Through timeless emotional expression and gorgeously composed instrumental passages, Wish You Were Here still shells out an impact 45 years later. – Enth (9/10)

Pink Floyd's ninth studio album critiques business––the music business and its slithery dealings––with an observant fashion. Thought out and executed to a tee, Wish You Were Here is timeless in both emotion and nature. Isolation and alienation fervently explored, while bookended with an ode to estranged former lead singer Syd Barrett, the ‘Crazy Diamond.’ This medley of greatness makes Wish You Were Here a heralded fan favourite, a staple of their mid-70's output, and to many the band’s most well-rounded achievement. It features artwork by record art royalty Hipgnosis, maybe the most poignant and ever-present art collective in popular music, lusciously serving as icing on the cake. Being present within the belly of the beast will never serve one's creative endeavours. Forced pressure, for there is always room for more, is enough to render one to paralysis. Welcome to the Machine. – Peter (8/10)

Incredibly expansive in scope and intimacy, Wish You Were Here is Pink Floyd’s most collectively personal release in a decade-defining stretch for rock music. Despite the social commentary detracting from the album’s overall potency as an homage to former band member Syd Barrett, the album’s highs are among the best in Pink Floyd’s discography. There are many rock albums better, but with respect to 1970s rock music, there aren’t many more important than Wish You Were Here. – Ben (Synth) (7/10)

Cam: 9.8/10 | Enth: 9/10 | Hadley: 9/10 | Dominick: 8.5/10 | Jared: 8.5/10

Peter: 8.5/10 | Alan: 7.8/10 | Ben (Synth): 7/10


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