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Vinyl Days

by Logic

Released June 17, 2022 via Visionary Music Group / Def Jam Recordings

Reviewed June 28, 2022

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Orville (48%), Vinyl Days (48%), Therapy Music (41%)

There are several reasons I did not expect to be writing a Logic album review in the summer of 2022. First off, homie straight up retired and stepped away from the music game. While I believe an artist never fully retires, Logic has proved me wrong before. The next reason was that I didn’t think I’d enjoy a new Logic album if he were to drop one. Last year he dropped the YS Collection Vol. 1, which contained some of my favorite tracks in a reworked format. That release reminded me of the Logic sound I love, and I am happy he was able to dip into a that bag a little with his latest release, Vinyl Days. With no expectations, this album lowkey blew me away. Logic sounds refreshed and reenergized in all facets from lyricism to production. His bars are on point, the beats brought that nostalgic boom bap and sample-based sound, and the subject matter was in your face. The features on this tape went crazy, especially Action Bronson; that duo blended perfectly on “In my lifetime,” and has earned a steady play in my rotation. “Ten Years,” with Royce da 5’9, further reminds me that Logic can really rap and deserves his respect. Logic was really talking his shit and daring anyone to step up. Opening with a Morgan Freeman monologue means the bars are about to come and Logic delivered. – Daniel (8/10)

Daniel: 8/10 | Dominick: 6.5/10 | DeVán: 6/10 | Alan: 5.5/10 | Victoria: 4.5/10

Community Reviews:

An album created over 12 days with little overthinking or stress about commercial success, and it works for the best on Vinyl Days. The classic sample-driven production that the core fan base loves from Logic is back and supported by lyrics about his newly-gained independence, his place in hip-hop, letting go of the pressure from social media, and his time off from hip-hop and becoming a husband and father, which is delivered with the same sharp flows and intensity that we’ve come to expect from Logic. It all comes together for a wonderful personal experience and ode to old school hip-hop. Great album to end his time on Def Jam, highly recommend. – (8/10)

Vinyl Days sees Logic take up the production mantle and he does so to great success, creating an array of beats that he flows to really well throughout. A touching "Sayonara" to Def Jam records that you can listen to on repeat endlessly. Great features too, but sadly you can argue that there are too many skits and interludes. These are all initially very charming but can get old. Overall, a great record with very few glaring issues. – @tylerwilliam.s (8/10)

What I like about Vinyl Days is that it's fun and uses many different sounds. It's not an album that should be taken too extremely seriously, and is more of a fun listen. – @zain.guthrie (8/10)


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