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by 6ix9ine

Released September 4, 2020 via Scumgang Records

Reviewed September 15, 2020

Top tracks (based on community voting)
TROLLZ (48%), GOOBA (34%), LOCKED UP PT.2 (34%)

After a couple of similar-sounding projects, many rappers are faced with a crossroad. Do they stick with the same formula at the risk of their sound growing stale, or switch it up and venture into unexplored lands? While the latter option has worked tremendously for some artists (Kanye, Childish Gambino), it can result in others falling flat on their ass (case in point: 6ix9ine). The main flaws of Tattletales come from futile attempts at branching out into genres like dancehall and generic pop that result in a lot more misses than hits. The best song on here, “GOOBA,” is practically a relic of his older, scream-rap sound because that’s what works best for him. Additionally, the well of contributions from artists and producers more talented than him has dried up like the Sahara. In less than two years he’s gone from Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Young Thug, Anuel AA, etc. to just Nicki Minaj, Akon, and…DJ Akademiks, leaving his music’s flaws completely exposed. – Alan (3.9/10)

Once upon a time, this rainbow-haired loudmouth was the ultimate provocateur, dominating headlines in the new age of internet-made rap stars. With TattleTales, as well as his very public court shenanigans, that well has now run completely dry. Sandwiching his typical, irritating troll bait alongside continued attempts at breaking into various Latin genres makes it hard to tell where one facade begins and another ends. 6ix9ine's inability to read his own tea leaves makes this comeback effort tone-deaf, unappealing, and above all, unwanted. – Enth (3/10)

While certainly not a good project, at least 6ix9ine’s debut DUMMY BOY had SOME redeemable qualities. Some decent to solid features being the biggest standout, but nonetheless, 6ix9ine’s approach felt somewhat unique to him and his personality was still fresh back then. But with TattleTales, the rainbow-haired scream-rapper feels totally directionless and uninspired. Frequently flopping between his usual aggressive trap flows, Latin pop, and reggaeton, TattleTales tries a bunch and succeeds at none. There really isn’t anything exciting to offer on the production front either, and it feels like 6ix9ine recycles lines more than he gets the number 69 tattooed. – Dominick (1.5/10)

Alan: 4.5/10 | Enth: 3/10 | Hadley: 2/10 | Cam: 2/10

Dominick: 1.5/10 | Daniel: 1/10


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