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by Czarface & MF DOOM

Released May 7, 2021 via Silver Age

Reviewed May 17, 2021

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Czarwyn’s Theory of… (48%), DOOM Unto Others (47%), Break In The Action (43%)

Hip-hop and the greater music community of the world has laid Daniel Dumile, AKA MF DOOM, to rest in the year 2020. In that same year, DOOM conspired to bring fans yet another CZARFACE collaborative album pre-quarantine, only to be postponed past the point of his death and thus becoming the first posthumous DOOM release to hit the market. In this incredible moment of remembrance, DJ 7L and rappers Esoteric and Inspectah Deck have delivered a colorful masterpiece that goes nicely in the long trophy case of amazing DOOM records to exist. Each rapper involved trades wordy verses seamlessly while the Czar-Keys production is loaded with substantive umph and attention-grabbing accents. The lesser share of DOOM vocals on the album may be a turn-off for some, but Super What? sees every other party involved bringing their A-game in an exciting way. Based on solely its own merit, Super What? has hit the ground running as the best CZARFACE album yet and an elite rap record of 2021. – DeVán (8.3/10)

The first posthumous effort since the tragic passing of MF DOOM—a collaborative effort from the masked supervillain and CZARFACE—is, in all likelihood, exactly what the late DOOM would want it to be. This album doesn’t take itself too seriously; and with MF DOOM, Inspectah Deck, and Esoteric trading verses throughout the tracklist, the lyricism is never caught slipping. Performing over a slew of extremely kitschy (in a good way) instrumentals by DJ 7L, the rappers tumble through on-the-nose punchlines to create an atmosphere that feels like a period piece derived from Saturday morning cartoons, cereal boxes with a secret prize, and non-collectible action figures. As sincere as DOOM’s lyrics consistently are, above all else they are meant to be taken lightly and are geared toward a subculture of people who enjoy the sound of a photon blaster and Hanna-Barbera cartoon narration. And Super What? is a tasteful and cohesive extension of that direction, exactly in line with the general motif of DOOM’s career. – Pax (8/10)

It’s insane to think that we now live in a world without MF DOOM, but his first posthumous release gives us one last hurrah. This collaboration between Czarface and the supervillain isn’t a concept album like their first, but it’s a fun shot of good rhymes and beats. It’s more so a Czarface project with some DOOM verses, than it is a true collaborative effort. 7L lays down some traditional boom bap on here; the production isn’t mind-blowing, but it’s got consistently good, gritty beats filled with dust covered drums and fun melodies. Esoteric and Inspectah Deck have regained their lyrical wit that was lost on their last project with some densely layered bars full of pop culture references easy to miss if you’re not carefully following along. When DOOM appears, It is a great surprise and he adds a villainous vibe that gels perfectly with the Czar crew and it really feels like a slice of NY in your ears. More could have been done to make the album a bigger experience but nonetheless, it’s a fun piece of boom bap with great personality. – Jared (7.5/10)

Super What? is the second collaborative project between CZARFACE—made up of Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric—and the recently deceased MF DOOM. It is the most consistent CZARFACE project since their first collaborative efforts in 2018. A coincidence> Probably not. The Marvel and DC verbiage sits suitably into hip-hop's DNA, and who better to invite into—or back into, for that matter—the CZARFACE universe than the super villain himself. Rappers have presented themselves as superheroes since the inception of beats and rhymes, often being placed into positions akin to heroes by fans. Alter egos, pseudonyms, and larger than life characters have played a huge role in the story of hip-hop's progression and likely always will. As these comic book compadres team up yet again to produce an entertaining project not meant to be taken overly serious, Super What? provides easy listening alongside plenty of witty bars if you wish to delve deeper. – Peter (7/10)

DeVán: 8.3/10 | Pax: 8/10 | Dominick: 7.7/10 | Jared: 7.5/10

Cam: 7/10 | Peter: 7/10 | Hadley: 5/10


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