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by Fugazi

Released April 19, 1990 via Dischord Records

Originally reviewed April 30, 2020

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Repeater (48%), Turnover (45%), Shut the Door (31%)

In 1990, Fugazi rose out of the ashes of the hardcore scene to create one of the most monumental albums in rock history. Repeater stands in a class of its own, not as a punk record, not as a debut record, not as a politically-charged record, but all of these and more. Rooted in DIY ethics, anti-capitalist beliefs, and experimental takes on the traditional punk sound, Fugazi’s debut album serves as a blueprint for the post-hardcore genre. – Dominick (10/10)

With the new decade looming, Fugazi seized the opportunity to put an old beast to bed and expand on what made it so great. With hardcore in decline, the band decided to push the genre forward by incorporating more complex melodies, song structures, and new ways of expressing themselves. It has the anti-government sentiment that most hardcore does, but with a much more researched and emotionally in tune side that wasn’t common at the time. Repeater blew the possibilities for punk wide open, and their debut remains one a post-hardcore classic. – Jared (10/10)

Repeater is the epitome of a post-hardcore record, covering all facets of the genre. Packed with insatiable, restless rhythms, dissonant riffery, and passionate vocal performances, Repeater takes the post-hardcore title and places it upon its apex. The formula for forthright, straight for the jugular rock has never been bettered. Repeater combines energy with incessant groove to deliver a non-stop 35-minute burst of unadulterated passion. It is the perfect album for any fan with a liking for forward momentum and rhythmic magic. Fugazi created many great records throughout their short career, but you get the sense that this is the record that they'll forever be remembered for. "Never mind what's been selling, it's what you're buying" are words to live by. – Peter (8.5/10)

Dominick: 10/10 | Jared: 10/10 | Hadley: 9/10 | Cam: 8.8/10 | Alan: 8.5/10

Peter: 8.5/10 | DeVán: 8/10 | Enth: 8/10 | Pax: 8/10


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