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Red Moon In Venus

by Kali Uchis

Released March 3, 2023 via EMI / Geffen Records

Reviewed March 29, 2023

Top tracks (based on community voting)
I Wish you Roses (58%), Endlessly (50%), Moonlight (50%)

Kali Uchis’ expertise in pretty little love songs nets new creative heights in her latest, potentially rivaling, or supplanting her best work yet. Red Moon In Venus, like any other Uchis record, is a multilingual, versatile, and heartfelt offering from a savvy songwriter. She ensures a seasoned effect takes place by more carefully arranging the finer details this time around. The experience is wall to wall romance, with throughlines of smooth, slow burning soul, and bits of funk and jazz, diffusing in embers. Though it is consistent with the general sound and feel of Kali’s previous works, Red Moon In Venus departs in a focused direction that may give it more lasting power than them all. – DeVán (8/10)

Alan: 8.7/10 | DeVán: 8/10 | Dominick: 8/10 | Jacques: 8/10 | Pax: 8/10 | Cam: 6.8/10

Community Reviews:

The strongest thing about this album is its cohesion. These songs and their different moods and colors swap and transition from one another so effortlessly to create a hazy and wonderful listening experience. Kali effortlessly dives into the pockets of each track like butter, and the spaced out drums and groovy baselines add to that hazy effect. Although I still think Isolation tops this release, Red Moon in Venus definitely lived up to my expectations. – Reedy (8.1/10)

Red Moon In Venus is absolutely gorgeous, from start to finish.You feel as if you are enamoured, and drowned in love with the production, and Kali Uchis' vocals are as amazing as ever. Despite being a bit inconsistent at times, it is a joy to listen to all the way through. – anonymous community member (8/10)


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