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No Pressure

by Logic

Released July 24, 2020 via Def Jam Recordings / Visionary Music Group

Reviewed August 2, 2020

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Soul Food II (53%), Open Mic\\Aquarius III (28%), Heard Em Say (25%)

All creative failures can be reconciled with a return to impressive form, and in some ways, Logic has done that with No Pressure. If Logic’s foreshadowed retirement doesn’t feel quite like the grand goodbye he signals it is, it’s because we’ve seen so many rappers “retire” before. Artists generally do this for a variety of reasons, and Logic’s feels like an attempt to regain control of the divisive narrative that follows him. A lot of people have quit on Logic as a musician, and that’s fine, because he wisely focused on his adjacent fan bases instead of pleading with gatekeepers and detractors this time around. No Pressure is a perfectly described idea of this album because Logic commits to his better tendencies and avoids the uphill battle of trying to one-up the peanut gallery. – DeVán (8/10)

For an artist who has experienced plenty of ups and downs in his career, No Pressure is a respectable sendoff for Logic. Soulful production with the occasional interpolation of classic hip-hop beats set the foundation for arguably Logic’s most personal project yet. As Logic looks forward to retirement and a focus on family life, he reflects on his lifelong love for hip hop and the journey it has taken him on. Logic may not have the most illustrious career in hip-hop, but he undoubtedly left a mark during his time, and No Pressure does a great job at packaging his best aspects into a handcrafted severance package for his most dedicated fans. – Dominick (8/10)

There’s no better feeling than leaving the game on your own terms. As of right now, No Pressure marks the end for Logic, one of the most criticized artists in modern hip-hop. This album is poetic, comparing the growth from his first album to his last. Under Pressure, in my opinion, is his magnum opus; it’s a beautiful predicament to artistically peak on your debut. As the title suggests, Logic is now in a state of zero pressure. He has accomplished all he set out to do, shared his thoughts, and started a family. There’s no longer to seek approval from anybody, and Logic sounds comfortable on every song. “Open Mic\\Aquarius III” brings that classic energy in delivery and wordplay, while “Soul Food II” delivers a different kind of nostalgia. You’re allowed to make music you’re comfortable with, just don’t make music that shows zero progression in subject matter between your first and last project. Like him or not, we can all respect Logic’s creative process and appreciate his attempts. He’s had notable flops, but at the end of the day, I enjoy him as an artist. While I can bet this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Logic, I’m happy to see him walk away standing with dignity. – Daniel (7.5/10)

Dominick: 8/10 | Daniel: 7.5/10 | DeVán: 7.5/10 | Cam (RnR): 6.8/10

Hadley: 6.5/10 | Enth: 6/10 | Pax: 4.8/10 | Alan: 4/10


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