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by Steve Lacy

Released July 15, 2022 via RCA Records

Reviewed July 26, 2022

Top tracks (based on community voting)
Bad Habit (75%), Mercury (51%), Sunshine (40%)

Gemini Rights, Steve Lacy’s sophomore album, features a return to the root of his creativity with more familiar reigns on the album’s creative outlines in comparison to his 2019 debut. Gemini Rights sticks to Lacy’s strengths significantly better than Apollo XXI, which hastily expanded his range of sound palettes a bit too far past his comfort zones. Steve Lacy can write an outright jam with few tools and relative ease, but his innovative instincts surely have limits that he does not always adhere to in the final product, particularly as a vocalist. For this reason, this album’s straightforward cuts, ones like “Static,” “Helmet,” and “Bad Habit,” land well on the listener’s easy-going sensibilities. Tracks like “Buttons” or “Amber” stake themselves a bit more on Lacy’s vocal prowess, repeating his tendency to flimsily evoke the likeness of Prince. For a few separate moments, one would guess Steve’s finding inspiration from the recent work of Baby Keem, with some of these moments working better than others. In the end, Gemini Rights is likable, almost so much one might overlook the inconsistencies that keep it short of greatness. – DeVán (7/10)

In astrology terms, the Gemini represents dual personalities. You think you know one? Think again. Steve Lacy's music exhibits the feeling of getting close to someone of Gemini demeanor; smooth sailing, then things occur and you realize that you don't know them at all. You can see where things went right, because they were so obviously going to go right, but there's always a moment where you say, “where did that come from?” Left turns down lanes where the intentions aren't clear and things tend to get confusing. A clusterfuck of ideas at times, Gemini Rights feels like it's being pulled in umpteen directions at once. A seeming lack of focus comes through in the finished product, feeling half-baked and missing pieces. Decent for the most part, but often lost in experimental translation that borderlines on empty and unnecessary, Gemini Rights, yet again, leans away from potential still to be fully examined and realized. Daydreams of “Dark Red” linger in the distance. – Peter (6/10)

Pax: 8.9/10 | Ben (Synth): 8.5/10 | Hadley: 8.5/10 | Dominick: 8/10 | Cam: 7.5/10

Daniel: 7.1/10 | DeVán: 7/10 | Peter: 6/10 | Jared: 5.5/10

Community Reviews:

This album is truly the best music Steve Lacy could have put out. An album about love and a past relationship, and the true nature of Steve. Indeed, throughout the LP, we can see Steve unveiling new layers of his soul. With only 10 tracks, this album shows the intricate nature of a human being fighting his demons or just enjoying life and the emotions which go with it. Musically speaking, it's very lo-fi sounding yet kind of risk taking (i'm thinking of mercury and the bossa nova rhythm, or Cody Freestyle and the mike dean-like synths) All in all, this album is a serious contender for the album of the year, being the best record i've heard so far. – @eliotoroute (9/10)

Steve Lacy continues to solidify himself as one of the most exciting and talented guitarists and male vocalists. The album is peppered with catchy songs and contains great production with some sweet psychedelic grooves too. However, Steve's lack of variety with subject matter is worrying with every song being related to either love or sex. Would love to see him cover a larger range of topics so sadly that brings the record back for me. – @tylerwillam.s (7.8/10)


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