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by Joyner Lucas

Released March 29, 2020 via Twenty Nine Music Group

Originally reviewed April 2, 2020

Top tracks (based on community voting)
ISIS (40%), ADHD (17%), Revenge (17%)

Say what you will about him, but Joyner Lucas is an incredibly talented rapper. This album was cohesive, delivered a lot of really good messages, was well produced, and was lyrically elite. Joyner did a great job in displaying his musical tools. On ADHD, he puts together catchy hooks and shows that he can sing a little with songs like “Gold Mine.” His persona as a fast-paced rapper is shaved away by this switch up. Along with that, every song sounded different, a problem some artists still struggle with. You have your bop in “10 Bands,” a vibe in “The War,” and a slap in “Isis,” which Joyner and Logic absolutely bodied. However, the skits across the tracklisting were unnecessary. They disrupted the flow, and took away from the listening experience. Obviously, they each had meaning, but the message were incredibly forced. Skits aside though, Joyner properly used his platform to entertain and enlighten. This album gets the job done, but unfortunately, Joyner has created too small of a niche for his music to get the respect it deserves. – Daniel (7.8/10)

Joyner Lucas has had a pretty meteoric rise when it comes to the somehow growing market of speed-rappers with “conscious” lyrics. Joyner is certainly a technically skilled rapper with a solid ear for creating melodies, meaning ADHD isn’t a complete disappointment, but it isn’t super far off from being that. The concept never seems fully realized, or at least isn’t clear enough in many of the album’s tracks, with cringe-inducing, practically unlistenable skits being the most prominent mentions of Lucas’ attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But even amongst the best moments on here, the only thing being offered is inconsistent, substance-lacking, mildly catchy trap-inspired rap disguised through a brash personality and a slightly above-average flow. – Dominick (5/10)

Forget all the singles, forget the rollout, the bottom line is that ADHD is a futile take on modern hip hop trends that handicaps any would-be-talent from Joyner. His arrogant approach to incorporating trap motifs in this album is distasteful and undercuts the progress of the subgenre. If Joyner could find a sound of his own, there may be a lane for him, but this album doesn't actively seek that out in the slightest. – Enth (4/10)

Daniel: 7.8/10 | Dominick: 5/10 | Alan: 4.8/10

Cam: 4/10 | Enth: 4/10 | Hadley: 2/10


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